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About Soba U 's founder

Hello, I’m Consuela Plet – founder of Soba U.
You might expect me to say that I developed our Ginger Beer following a lifelong love of the drink. But in fact, it’s just the opposite!
I was born in South America – famed for its ginger beer and at the age of 11 moved to the Netherlands – a country where ginger beer is a much-loved party drink. But although everyone around me adored it, I refused to even try ginger beer.
Everything changed on my mother’s birthday in 2005. As part of the celebrations she created a huge batch of homemade ginger beer. All the guests loved it and kept coming back for more. Everyone around me said “you have to try this” and eventually, when there was only one cup left,I gave in and took a sip. Wow! I couldn’t believe the taste. After years avoiding ginger beer, I found I loved it too! In fact, I loved it so much, that at Christmas I decided to make my own batch of homemade ginger beer. It went down a storm with my friends and family who were amazed that it was the first time I’d made the drink.
I moved to the UK and in 2011 I had a vivid dream in which I received clear signs from God that I should start mass-producing my ginger beer. After having the dream, I began making the ginger beer again, using the Surinamese drink from my childhood as the inspiration.
I spent a long time developing the recipe and testing it with members of the public. My church congregation provided plenty of willing testers too and with their feedback, I adjusted the recipe to get the flavour and appearance just right. I also took the drink back to Amsterdam and showcased it at the 2012 Taste of Amsterdam festival where I knew the ginger beer connoisseurs would give their honest opinions. With all the feedback, I was able to refine the recipe further and the result is a distinctive grown-up drink that is not too sweet, with delicate floral notes and a big kick of ginger.
I’m really proud of the drink and can’t wait to add more flavours to the Soba U range. And of course, I can’t believe it took me so long to fall in love with the wonderful taste of ginger beer!

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